Understanding the Sabbath as a Young Adult

Now that I am older, I am just scratching the surface on the subject of the Sabbath.

This is one of those mornings/afternoons where my body needed sleep. There’s been a trial that has been around for quite some time now and there’s been many nights where I am unable to sleep. It’s been good nights because I use them to pray, but they are all times when I need to wake up nice and early for work the next day. I believe my body has been confused as well with the holidays just passing.

It thinks to itself, “Is there another break coming up? I would like to sleep some more!” I end up telling myself, “You’ll get there. The weekend is coming up soon.”

My family and my church body never really partook in the Sabbath. It’s always been believed as an Old Testament law, something that Jesus made obsolete when He came. So when I took accelerated Bible Lit. class in high school, and my Christian teacher believed full heartedly in partaking in the Sabbath I thought, “What? Christians can’t do that! Can they?”

She was a wise woman, a woman that had been through a lot of life lessons. Losing her parents and some of her siblings at a young age, she learned a lot. Before she was a Christian, she learned to cling to herself and her own independency. Nothing was going to grab her in this world, and only an almighty force could change her; which He did. She’d seen a lot, and heard a lot of stories. She was genuine, and would at times cry with us whenever something traumatic came up. I believe she is one of the most honest people I know. One of our class times, she got a phone call in that said a student she was tutoring on her time was dying. The little girl had developed stage four cancer. Taking a pause of our lesson in Genesis, she expressed herself in the most real way anyone really could. The next day, she came in and said, “Now I understand why I NEED the Sabbath.” She needed a day of rest. She needed a time to mourn. She needed a break to reflect on God and what He’s done in her life. She then went on to say that her week always ends up being hard when she doesn’t partake in the Sabbath.

I heard that from my teacher, and then the next day moved on. Like many high schoolers, the now was happening and I was distracted by my friends, grades, and having fun.

I ended up going to a Christian college and briefly heard a little bit more, “You shouldn’t partake in the Sabbath”, “You should partake in the Sabbath”…many views…but why did it matter to me?

 I was so busy with just getting good grades (again), that I didn’t think I even had TIME to spend a day to rest and reflect on God’s goodness.

In my opinion, when I look back now, I had such wrong thoughts about it. If I didn’t have time to rest, then I was too busy!

Now, I AM busy which makes me desire all the more to take a day to rest and learn from God’s Word. I decided I would partake in the Sabbath. My family, church family, and many college friends are not necessarily wrong. You could still reflect on God’s goodness on any ordinary day and you can still glorify the Lord on any other day. What about your body though, does it need rest from a week of robotic energetic routine? I believe so. For me, the body, and mind need a rest. I’m praying that I learn more from Him on these upcoming days of rest than I ever have before, and that I really give Him the glory in the end, because isn’t that really all that matters?

Just scratching at the surface.


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