To Be or Not to Be A Gideon

For much of the book of Judges we see this cycle:

1. Israelites rebel against God.

2. God judges the Israelites for their sin.

3. God sends a deliverer to save the Israelites.

4. The Israelites are rescued, but go back to their rebellion against God. 

Judges 6-8 isn’t any different.

1. The Israelites rebel against God, becoming more wicked than the generation before them. 

2. God sends the Midianites to oppress them for their sinful acts. 

3. God sends Gideon to rescue them from their ways.

4. Israelites are rescued, but turn back to their idol worship and sin. 

But what makes Gideon different from the rest? Why would I NOT want to be Gideon?

In the beginning, God calls Gideon to go out and be used by Him to send out the Midianites from the Israelite land. Gideon admits that he is from the weakest clan, basically saying, “how could I do this God?”. Even in his weakness and unbelief, God is INCREDIBLY patient with Gideon and Gideon eventually does what God requests.

Before the “battle” begins in chapter seven, God KNOWS Gideon is scared. Gideon KNOWS that God can not only do miracles, but can defeat armies. What was in front of his Gideon’s face though? Gideon just saw what was in front of him which was this army that was so large, it was like “a field of locusts”. Even here, God is patient though and tells Gideon he will send a friend to go along with him to the battlefront, and that he will gain confidence from the message he would hear. Low and behold, God was right: Gideon was so confident he did exactly what God had told him to do.

Gideon sounds great so far! He’s weak, but he does what God tells him to do! What’s wrong with him?

Everything turns in chapter 8.

In chapter 8, Gideon in his newfound confidence and pride, kills many people, takes the gold from the Israelites and makes it into an ephod, causes them to fall back into their temptations, and marries a Canaanite woman (which was forbidden in his day and culture). All worship was supposed to go to God for his victories, but instead he gives it to himself, even naming his son, Abimelech which means, “my father is the king”, or “son of a king”.

Pride. Kills.

Pride is what sent the devil and the other angels out of Heaven! God takes pride seriously.

So, why would I want to be like Gideon?

Well, Gideon WAS later mentioned in Hebrews 11…and again, you might be asking, “why?”

Gideon was considered a man of faith. being “made strong out of weakness“, becoming “mighty in war“, and putting “foreign armies to flight“.

I DON’T want to be prideful. I hope not to be like Gideon in that. THAT is what I’m praying I will stay away from and that the Holy Spirit would continue to push me away from that temptation.

I DO want to be a woman that God looks at and is pleased with, that God says to one day, “Well done, good and faithful servant“. May I be FAITHFUL in what God gives me to do, like Gideon was in his “glory days” and may GOD make me “strong in weakness”, fighting against the enemy and the devils temptations.

Gideon has his glory days and his rainy days.


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