My Approach to Skeptical Friends: A Guest Post

I feel at times that I am in the “Christian bubble”. The “Christian bubble” is where all the people around you are believers and you have basically little to no interaction with the “outside world”. This post helped me see things a little deeper, that there is a world that needs to be interacted with and that I need to have a listening ear. Christ will always be the center of my life, but what am I missing by not being plugged in to other people’s conversations outside of church and friends? Thank you Pascal for such a great read!

Godless Cranium

This is a guest post by fellow blogger Pascal. You can find his blog by following the link. I’m deeply appreciative of the fact that he took the time to write this as a guest post. Thank you Pascal. 

Greetings Mike,

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to write here.  Your general guest-blog invitation and our specific e-mail interactions were indeed gracious.  I’m a neophyte concerning the topic I’ve chosen.  These stirrings are only about two years old and were prompted by a person – – I’ll call him Russell.

I’m a follower of Christ.  I was raised that way but came to the same points of decision that any adult must.  Do I believe this?  Why?  Will I teach it to my children?  I don’t think the same as my parents did about the age of the earth, conservative politics, homosexual people, or the nature of scripture.  Yet…

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