She stays up watching Youtube till 3 in the morning. 

I do my best to go to bed at 10. 

She puts make-up on and looks pretty everyday.

I have nothing on my face and make sure I look presentable before I leave the house. 

She almost never cleans.

I can’t stand being in a room for too long if it isn’t clean.

She leaves food out for days.

I put my food back in the fridge as soon as 30 minutes hits. 

She loves pasta.

It’s one of my least favorite foods.

She drives an SUV Lexus. 

I drive my compact car. 

She believes in karma and spirits.

I believe in Jesus Christ.

The “she” I am referring to is the woman I live with. There are many things that make us different. These are some of them. Some of her habits can DRIVE ME CRAZY. I asked myself this evening, “Why do I have such a hard time with this?”

  1. We’re different. It also reminds me of how my twin sister and I grew up which was challenging sometimes.
  2. There’s not much room for space. Even if it was clean, it’s hard to get around.
  3. and last but not least….
  4. I’m not content with what the LORD has given me. 

^^^ Ya. That’s a big deal.

God has given me so much through her! 

Where is my thankful heart? What have I been meditating on? Am I meditating on the mess, or on what God has already done for me?

This same person….

  • Is kind. Has a true desire to see everyone happy.
  • Is hard working. Works two jobs to sustain her and her son.
  • Is loving. Ready to give a kiss and a hug at any time.
  • Is a dreamer. It’s exciting just hearing her speak about what she sees for herself in the future.
  • Is faithful. Been faithfully by her son’s side for 18 years now.
  • Is a single mom. That alone is enough said.
  • Is an amazing listener. You can tell her every single detail from getting a glass of water in the break room, to the drama that steps into work and she’ll be nodding her head and smiling.
  • Is a fantastic cook. She makes fantastic chicken and rice.
  • Is full of wisdom. Life has thrown a lot at her.
  • Is a trooper. She pushes through everything..and I mean everything.

What do I need to do?

Remind the reader again that I am not perfect (except through the Holy Spirit), repent, and pray for a thankful and content heart.

God isn’t finished with me yet. The challenge of living with someone that is the opposite in different ways is one way that Christ is showing me who I need to be. I need to be His follower, His disciple, His hands and feet, His soldier, His messenger, His. May this post be a reminder for me one day when the temptation crosses paths with me again.


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