The Drop Box (Film)

This is a blog post to raise awareness for the film that is coming out and showing March 3rd-5th.

So many children are lost due to abandonment each year around the world. In many cases the mother really doesn’t want the child. In some, the mother is unable to take care of it.

In The Drop Box, a passionate South Korean pastor creates a box for a mother to drop off their child, so a child may have a chance at life. Through this, an orphanage was formed and it’s there that the pastor shares the love of Christ with the children. With over 20 kids, it can be a handful, but God gives them the strength to keep going and press on through the troubling times.

I highly recommend seeing it if you have a chance, and I’ll get back to you on what I thought about the movie once I see it.

This link will provide a place for you to search for a theatre location where it is playing, for you to learn more about the film, and even donate if you feel called to. Enjoy!


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