The Drop Box (Film) – After Thoughts

Well folks, I saw the movie last night in a theatre completely packed.

I know I told you I’d write a post about what I thought about the film, so here it is.

Before the movie started there was a short “countdown” clip featuring the president of Focus on the Family, Jim Daly. He’s getting the crowd pumped and ready to watch the film where they had originally featured it: Los Angeles, CA and Atlanta, GA. It shows quick snippets of the crowds reaction to the introduction Jim was giving, as well as a musical performance done by Jon McLaughlin. To be honest, I just wanted to watch the film. I didn’t really care much about the original audience’s reaction to the film and the performance (in my opinion) was too long.

The movie ITSELF: Long, but good. 

I think Brian Ivie, the creator and director of the film, still could have pulled the emotional heart strings of the audiences even with the film cut in half. It seemed like they explained everything twice.

The film was very informative with what is going on in today’s society though. I liked how Brian showed the different baby boxes that were created around the world and how many places were putting their efforts in to rescue these children. He gave the historical facts on when the baby boxes were first created, and also some stats on the number of babies that were/are abandoned each year. Brian did a good job of pointing out that it’s not just in Seoul, Korea that babies are abandoned, but it is a worldwide epidemic that needs to be recognized and dealt with.

Originally, Brian said he was just doing this film to get into the Sun Dance Festival. Through the making of the film though, Brian Ivie became a Christian. He saw that his sins are a lot like the disabilities that the unwanted children had and that he needed to find someone to rescue him just as these children were rescued. Jesus Christ is the answer and will remain the answer for all of mankind. Good to see how he felt the need, how he knew he needed Jesus. Praise the Lord for the change that happened in Brian’s life! It really is AMAZING to be adopted and to be called God’s child.

After the film, there was an interview done by Jim Daly. Jim interviews Brian Ivie, and welcomes special musical guest (along with his wife) Steven Curtis Chapman. Again, the interview was a little long, and the performance wasn’t something I necessarily wanted to watch, but it was kind of necessary (speaking from a Christian’s point of view of course) because they were able to share the Gospel. Anytime the Gospel is able to be shared is a good thing right??

Overall it leaves you very humbled and gives you a call to action. Praying for myself and the people around the world to have a heart for these unwanted children and to help in any way that we can, whether that is through prayer or through adoption itself.


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