Travel Plans

My first nephew is due July 4th this year. I received a travel voucher at the beginning of this year for $500 and was going to use it to fly up to see my nephew, however, I decided to drive up instead. Most likely, I will be driving up every time I want to see my nephew. On a side note, oh the places I can go! Where should I go with my $500 voucher?

This year my best friend and I went to the Grand Canyon as a part of our road trip to Arizona. Reminiscing, I looked at the pictures and it made me think of how great that trip really was. We went in the winter, so we didn’t get to see the North side. I’d LOVE to go back in the fall so I can see it! Here are some photos I took from that trip.




I could also use it to go back to Florida. I was in Florida this past February for a conference and took a few days off afterward to explore Disney World and hang out with my cousins. Again, another place I’d love to go back to! Here are some photos from THAT trip.

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I’ve looked into Colorado, Sacramento, and San Francisco as well. I’ve never been to Colorado, but for that trip, I would need to pay more than the $500 voucher for a plane ticket on a weekend in October! Sacramento I barely remember since I was younger when my parents took my siblings and me there. San Francisco is dear to my heart. I flew out there in a day one time for Valentine’s Day with my ex, S. Here are photos from that trip (sorry, these were taken with an older phone and some of the photos are not the best quality).

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Forming new memories in San Francisco with my best friend is probably what I’ll end up doing. As I looked at the whole album for the San Francisco trip, I thought it would be best to go back and see different things, eat at different places, and explore everything that San Francisco has to offer. Followers, I will keep you posted as to where I go and I am very excited for my next adventure! Praising God for opportunities tonight to explore His world.


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