Tired and drained from a long day of extroverted interactions, I finally stopped to notice how distracted I really was today from what really matters. Sure, I had my moments where I was able to pray, but I get distracted so easily by the things around me…Well, more like people. I can’t even focus on the task at hand and it frustrates me. I feel I have so many things to actually get done and care for, and yet, I let my own mind distract me from what’s really important. Part of this could be because I’m still sick and I’m just anxiously waiting till next week when I can go see a specialist, BUT I know part of it is just from my sinful state.

Being in the sinful state really is not fun. I really can’t wait until I am made perfect, made like Christ in every way, having a perfect focus that is on glorifying Jesus. No distractions, a freedom in just being completely focused. Praying tonight for the ability to focus and stay focused so that I may one day hear, “Well done good and faithful servant”.


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