One of Those Nights

It’s one of those nights where I feel strongly for my coworkers, wanting all of them to come to repentance and faith. How I dearly long to see them all come to know Jesus and have a relationship with the one true God who will never leave them or forsake them. It saddens my heart that in this current state, they have no hope but in the things of this world which will never last. To live and to not know the end…it’s scary! I remember being so lost myself that I didn’t care who God was…which many of my coworkers are in that state currently.

No surprise, it’s painless then, right?? If you don’t care, then why would it be painful? It’s still a hopeless feeling though thinking that maybe there IS something you need to be caring about and maybe there is a reason why God gave mankind discernment between right and wrong. Maybe this creation is unfathomably beautiful because…there was a Creator behind it. How could a random explosion create the cliffs in Yosemite? How could a random explosion create the expanse we call the sea? How could a random explosion create so many diverse landscapes? No man can fully comprehend so in our little state we create our own explanation for it. I think of certain names in my head and I pray for them. I pray they receive the same peace and joy that surpasses all understanding that I hold so tightly to. I pray they receive the same grace that is bestowed on me daily. I pray they see God’s goodness in all of creation and give God glory for the great things He has done. He is worthy to be praised and worthy to bow low before. He is the lion and the lamb. He is the sacrifice for our sins. He is our Redeemer, Savior, stronghold, refuge, the great I AM.

Nothing is more satisfying than knowing Him so I pray tonight as I sit here wide awake at almost 1:00 AM that these people who I have come to know and love would know Him with all their heart soul and mind.


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