What Can I Say?

I actually really don’t have much to say today. God gave me a restful, peaceful day. I watched my best friend’s dog today. In the process of watching her, I finished 55 questions of math, did my laundry, played the ukulele, watched hockey, and took a nap with the dog on the couch. The dog and I went for a brief walk earlier in the day, but that was pretty much it. Very uneventful.

Thankful for uneventful days, but I did have a moment today when everyone came home from their Disneyland adventure where I thought, Is this what it will be like if I’m ever home alone in my own place? By the time I do have my own place, I probably will have a dog…but no homework. My responsibilities for the weekend will be the typical housekeeping chores, but that’s it. If I don’t put myself out there more to encourage sisters in Christ, then I’ll be a very lonely Christian on the weekends…and even weekdays once school is over for me. If I’m not married, that’s what it will be like. It made me feel hollow inside. It made me think and realize that I can’t let it get to that point where I don’t reach out to the people that are around me. I can’t clam up in my shell which I am prone to doing and live alone the rest of my days. I want to be in the practice of serving others, whether that is my future husband or girls that come over to enjoy a safe place. I want my future home to be a place of security, food, water, encouragement. I guess this post made me realize that I need to be praying God gives me that opportunity to serve in that capacity one day.

For now, I finish what God has given me and run hard. Good night y’all.


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