Yes, I Am One of Them Now

Yes, I am one of them now. I shop at Mother’s Market. I purchase things like pickled beets, kale, garlic hummus, seaweed, chia and hemp seed crackers, and broccoli.

I didn’t willingly decide this one day, but my health did. The first few weeks were BRUTAL. Cutting out the sugar that I had once eaten made it such a struggle. I craved chocolate all day every day. That’s all I ever wanted. (Still sometimes all I ever want).¬†When going to restaurants, I easily gravitated to the wraps or the burgers. Now I look for salads or something that is mostly vegetables.

I’ll tell you this: I feel so much better. I caved in yesterday and ate some frozen yogurt. Seriously, my mood went from joyful to extremely depressed. I felt sluggish and was sluggish. I didn’t want to do anything but sleep. It killed my joyful mood and brought me down to the grave. I’m thankful for good, healthy food that makes my body feel right. I’m thankful that God has given me this option, despite the higher prices. Praying for self-control the next few days since I am expected to be at my twin sister’s baby shower tomorrow, BDubs Monday evening with a coworker to watch the hockey game, and BDubs again Tuesday with a few other coworkers (since one of them has never been).


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