Do I have Another Sushi Friend or Something More?

It was easy to go out with my ex’s because all three of them loved sushi. Since I am a sushi fanatic, most of the time this was our go to place for a date night. As you can imagine, it was a serious dilemma¬†when I broke up with my last ex in February. Who will go out to sushi with me???

Sure, sometimes I go by myself. It’s fine going by yourself even when you look like a total pig eating All You Can Eat alone at the bar, BUT it is more enjoyable to look like a pig with someone else.

My coworker and I recently went to go watch the last Ducks game of the playoffs season at Bdubs since he wanted to go “see what hockey was all about”. This ended up being a totally fun time, especially for me since I was able to explain everything about my favorite sport. Moving to today, I mentioned to him during lunch hour that I was really craving a good baked salmon roll. He said a baked lobster roll and immediately we arranged to go get sushi next week for dinner.

Now, the question is, is it weird that I’m going out with this coworker of mine alone? Can we go out and just be friends? If his girlfriend knew, would she be upset? These days, I haven’t been very good at discerning what would be wise and what would not….It made me think, “Have I been too strict with this in the past and that’s why it’s bothering me a little? Do I need to loosen up and just let it go? What are his intentions?”¬†I want to be wise since he is not a Christian and possibly may have an “open relationship” as they call it.

For now, I’ll be praying. Since my coworker is gone for the next 4 days that should give me time to seek God and ask Him for wisdom in this.


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