When Your Brother Lives in His Car

When your brother lives in his car all you want to do is trade places with him. I wish I could give him the place where I live. I wish I could go live in the car with him so he doesn’t feel like he’s alone. I wish I could have enough money for the both of us to live in our own place.

I see now all the homeless people on the street with a different view. I see them as family, as a friend, as someone who just really hit rock bottom. Sure, some of them are not who I think they are, but with my “sibling vision” that so clouds my thoughts, all I can think about is my brother. I can’t imagine him standing on the corner, being so desperate for food that he begs on the street. I wish I could just find my brother, wherever he is right now, and just hug him and bring him home with me. In his pride, he will not accept help from me or answer my texts…or calls. It makes me wonder today, how can I reach out in love if I’m not being permitted? God obviously doesn’t want me to right now. He is purposely setting this trial in front of me so that I can trust Him with my brother’s life. Praying for my brother today, that God would bring him safety, that He would bring him peace, and that God would soften his heart so that he is willing to accept the help that he needs.


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