Thoughts of Thankfulness

Thoughts of thankfulness

  • the smell of wet asphalt on a cool summer night.
  • the smell of saffron as I walk around the block at work. 
  • The various sounds that the birds make in the trees above me.
  • The ability to see the bunnies at night as they munch on the grass. 
  • The ability to see the vibrancy of the flowers on the trees as I drive through my neighborhood
  • The clear skies after a rain has passed
  • A room to myself set up just the way I like it.
  • The smell of the ocean waves as they come in and out along the shore.
  • The time spent each time I come over to walk my best friend’s greyhound. 
  • The sound of 6-year-old Aubrey’s laugh.
  • The silly things that Aubrey and her friends do to make me laugh.
  • A good meal made by my best friend’s mom and the sincere appreciation I receive from cleaning the dishes.
  • The smell of my bathroom after I’ve spent time cleaning it from the floors up.
  • The stupid dabs and snaps I receive from my family friends.
  • My mother’s texts to check up on me and what I’ve been up to.
  • The memes I get from my little brother when we talk over the phone. 
  • All the laughter I hear at work when my coworkers are just messing around. 
  • The love and care I receive from our IT guy who is basically my God given grandpa.
  • The love and care I receive from my boss when my health isn’t at its best. 
  • The looks and laughter I get from my coworkers when I’m doing something stupid. 
  • The healthy good food I get to eat everyday and the good water I get to drink.
  • All of God’s mercies in all of this…and so much more that I cannot count.

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