Beautiful Day

Today was one of those days where I walked outside to see the trees and the blue sky and thought, I can’t pass up the beach today. Look at what I’d be missing out on. I went and bought a Red Raw Fusion from Juice It Up! and headed home so I could change and be ready to go. I watched a couple episodes of The Office and my coworker was ready to hit up the beach with me. Today just made me super thankful for the proximity of the beach to my house, the ability to see the waves, the color of the water, the feeling of the sand in between my toes, the life that lives in the rocks and crevices, everything. It was perfect and I was so thankful to afterward see my kids from church in my 3rd-grade classroom graduate and move on to 4th grade. It was just a beautiful, wonderful day. Thank You, God, for my beautiful, wonderful day.


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