A Break In

Half asleep, I hear a doorbell ring. Assuming it’s my phone for some app, I turn down the media sound and close my eyes again. An aggressive rattling of the door knob over and over again and another doorbell ring and my eyes are now wide open. I listen to hear if there will be more sound. More doorbell rings. I IM my coworker who I was just talking to an hour before, “It’s 2:30am and someone is at the door. Should I call the cops???” No response. Banging on the floor and a slam and I call 9-1-1. The lady on the phone asked me simple questions, the first question being what my address is, and had cops sent out right away. The running down the stairs towards my bedroom made both the dispatcher and me quiet. She heard it too. She said, “Is your door locked?” This made me stop. No, I have no lock on my door. She kept asking me questions until I finally heard my tenants talking upstairs. Peace began to descend onto my heart. I told dispatch, “It’s okay. You can cancel dispatch coming. I think everything is going to be okay. I hear my tenants upstairs now.” She verified with me a few times to make sure it was okay, and then told me to call her back if it went south.

This made me realize many things this evening.

  1. I am not prepared enough (but will be starting today). Sure, I have my phone next to me to call 9-1-1, but where was my knife and pepper spray? (Not where it needed to be)
  2. I flipped out. I’m surprised I was even able to speak so calmly on the phone. My heart was racing, I began to sweat. I didn’t know what to do except stay quiet since I didn’t have my weapons on me.
  3. I began to thank God for being my “strong tower”, my protector, my solid rock on which I stand. My shelter as Psalm 8 says. He has protected me and kept me safe over these last 25 years, even when I had that guy following me in SD, even when I had people in the neighborhood that were sketchy approach me, even on my late nights in LA, even when I have been home alone. God has always been faithful in keeping me physically safe so far. He has never failed in that and I really do need to show my thanks and praise Him for it. 

So thank You, God, for keeping me safe and for being my comfort and peace when it begins to get scary. You are the reason that I am safe today and any other day that I live and breathe.


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