Game Night

I had a game night with two of my ASL friends Yesterday. One of my friends is Persian. I’d been longing for this day to come for a month now since she told me her mom was making Persian food. The classic saffron rice, the meats, the cooked tomatoes, the salad shiraz, fesenjan, adasi, and Persian tea were just a few items that were served. I bought a roulette from Wholesome Choice for the family to enjoy as well. I ended up in the kitchen with my friend’s mom after I came back in for a second cup of tea. We chatted for a bit, and I briefly told her I lived with a Persian family for a year. Immediately after I told her, I couldn’t explain the story anymore. I almost started to tear up just thinking about how much I miss this family, how much I miss being with them, hearing the FarsiĀ in the background, eating with them, being just briefly a part of that culture. I left the kitchen. I couldn’t handle it anymore. I pushed it to the back of my mind and played the games with my friends. Just memories flooded my mind. The forgiveness that I later found with that family just overwhelmed me. I now saw that whole living situation with a different outlook. I really was cared for there, even when at times it seemed uncomfortable or awkward and it all happened for a reason. Well, I wish I had a happy ending to this post, but I really don’t.

It’s been definitely a weird day, but I am thankful God gave me a new day full of new mercies.



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