The Frustration of Perfection

When do I get stressed? I get stressed when I’m not good at something. This can be a large variety of things that I’m not good at, but specifically, I get frustrated when I’m not doing well in school. This summer, I’m taking a math and English class so that I can transfer next fall to Cal State Long Beach.

Oh. Boy. A summer math class, what was I thinking?? When I take my quizzes I get a D every time. I have one chance to retake it, and I get either a B or low A. This is fine. In comparison with the D, it is much better, HOWEVER, I still get frustrated that I don’t know this material when I feel I’ve studied enough to know it. Perfectionism. It kills me. Pride. It kills me. I want to be the best and always have A’s in my classes. What I need is prayer for God to kill my pride and for me to just ask for a tutor when I clearly need it. May the Lord help me come down to my knees and seek help when I need it, even if it’s not school related.


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