Better Days Ahead

There will be better days ahead. God promises these things to me despite there being more tribulations and trials. I know that I have this assurance. Today happened to be one of those days where it started off rocky but then got better. I slept in until 10am, even after going to bed around 9pm last night. Part of this was due to my exhaustion emotionally, but the other part was due to the drowsy, allergy medicine I took the night before that is 24 hours.

I think just resolving to make a difference in my life and take responsibility for my actions really has helped me in seeing the future that is ahead. After finishing my math for the week, I found myself going through a downward spiral with the whole “boy situation” but I resolved to get myself to church before the OC Night Market. I knew hearing the Word and worshipping with other believers would help turn my thinking around for the better. The message just happened to be on Luke 17:26-35 which takes a look at what it will be like on the day of Jesus’ second coming.  It really is all about perspective and where the mind should be. I can have a confidence that I am one of His chosen and will be called the day of His second coming. I will join all the saints in worshipping Him in the Kingdom and it will be one glorious day. Until then, however, I know there is a need to share the Gospel that saves. It’s the reason I am still here as 2 Peter 3:9 says. He is patient in waiting for all His chosen to come to Him. Until then, I am His weak vessel just here to share the Good News and glorify His name. I have a purpose that I tend to forget when my mind is set on worldly things. All these worldly things will fade and be just “dust in the wind” as Kansas would say. “All we are is dust in the wind”. This was taken straight from the Bible. James 4:14, “yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.” What am I going to do with the precious time that is given to me? I hope to not make the same mistakes again that’s for sure!


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