Friendfinity Vol. 2

These are my friends. These are people who are real, who experience financial and foster challenges. These are people I know I can relate to and understand at a deeper level than just the surface. These are people who serve me, love on me, care for me, shelter me. These are friends I know I’ll have forever, more friendfinity. Believers in Christ who strive to live their lives to glorify His Name. What encouragement I have received from them, just hearing about their experiences lately and how God has broken down barriers that we so easily build up. I’m so blessed to call them my family, to call them my brother and sisters in Christ. Nothing is more special than our bond. I only wish DK was here to also celebrate and be a part of our group, but alas we must wait till July when she comes back from Singapore (DK is from an earlier blog post, Friendfinity).

I really am blessed beyond measure, beyond what I even see at this very moment. I know I get so distracted by my own sin and my own tribulations, and I could only ask God for forgiveness for that. In these moments of blessings I remember and look back on how God is so good to me when I don’t deserve it. Praise His Name forever!


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