100th Post

I can’t believe I’ve made it to my 100th post. Looking back on my blog posts, I see periods of joy and pain. So many trials throughout the last two years and it’s been challenging, but God has been gracious. There’s this book my friend’s two-year-old “reads” to me and every¬†other page (literally every other) says “Dios es bueno¬†todo el tiempo”. It’s a sweet reminder of how good God has been to me. Even looking back at some of the trials, God has made it easier to think about them. Some of them He’s made so that they were once big, but now little. I love being reminded of God’s goodness in life, throughout all of life. As I take this “road trip” with Jesus I am reminded that His promises remain the same. I know with confidence that I can hold on to that for the rest of my days.

Dios es bueno


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