Out For The Count

Today was one of those days where I was out for the count. I did not feel well at all. It was my fault. I had sugar yesterday and I knew I should not have. It made today miserable, and I was so ungrateful. It’s amazing how your body can affect your mood, or how you react to things that happen in the day. I was such a brat, and I wish I could go back and have a better attitude. What I noticed though, which is what we’re studying in the summer session for WBS, is that what brought me joy was salvation. When songs came on about Christ’s mercy, grace, death, and resurrection I felt better. I was able to smile and I was able to be brought to tears of joy. I wish I could keep my mind that way always. I hope I never feel the I felt today again, but if I do, I want to be reminded of God’s grace for me and for others.


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