The Temptation To Worry

It is so tempting for me to worry about my upcoming school work and whether or not I’ll have time to both do well in it, and get time to adventure. I’ve been looking forward to this “adventure day” that I’m having tomorrow for quite some time now, and it might look like I won’t be able to do everything that I want. My wants may not be the Lord’s, I remind myself. My desires to go drive all day and see different places may not be God’s. Hm. I start to pout in my own misery, sitting here in my spinning office chair longing to get out and see things. The tea has settled and I’m awake just long enough to finish this blog post. Four lights are on in my room to keep me running as the night continues on. Shirley the hamster for some reason is quiet, not moving a muscle. I turn around to remind myself of how cute she is. I have many blessings. As I sit here and think upon all the different aspects of just my room and where my body is, I am reminded that there is no need to worry. I am blessed. I can see things in His timing. Everything is in His timing.

Hoping to not only finish my math quiz early with a high grade, but also to go to the 9am service at church tomorrow morning. Praying for peace tonight as I ponder my first world problems.


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