Drained Emotionally

Today was heavy. Drained emotionally. I feel I can’t do anything right, and what I want isn’t something that I can see working in the end. drained. Sucked. Life is out. I’m ready for bed and it’s 11:00 PM. That’s early for me! Drained, but not totally “out for the count” as I say. Life is just so short, so what kind of decisions will I make for my future? I was sent a meme today from my best friend. It said the following:

I’m at the “We’ll see” stage in my life. With everything and everyone. We will see.”

How true that is to my life!! 25 years old, and still don’t have my ish together. Lord, what is it that You want from me? What is it that You want from me this week? Where am I going? These are things that I am asking Him tonight.


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