Has She Been Kidnapped??

I’ve been a little missing in action… Last Monday, July 3rd, my family thought I was kidnapped. It turns out that my e-mail to my boss did not send letting him and the receptionist for the day know that I was out for the day. Since I did not call in, and since they had not received an e-mail, they sent a search party out. Two of my coworkers ended up at my tenant’s house. Since I was not there, now my tenant was worried. One of my family friends, or old best friend I should say works with me and assists me daily. She was contacted even though she had the day off to contact my family and let them know that I was missing. This turned into a real search. They contacted my best friend and her parents so that they can drive over and make sure I was not in the bedroom. The panic ensued. My best friend brought her dad over just in case I was dead in the bed from my various health problems or a killer. Verifying I was not there, they called my mother back. She then contacted my old tenants and they confirmed they had not seen me. She then contacted my family friends and they confirmed they had not heard from me since 1:00 am in the morning. From there, my mom and dad called Verizon to check where I last pinned in on the cell towers and my dad made the drive up to Orange County.

Mean while, I was just waking up in Ontario, CA around 10:30 in the morning when I see my phone had 13 missed calls from various people, 27 text messages, and some attempts made at reaching me through SnapChat.  All of this chaos all because of one e-mail that did not send.

Two things I’m thankful for from this incident:

  1. They did not call the police and file a report just yet. (that would have been embarrassing for me)
  2. I have truly the best family and friends in the whole world. The care and effort they immediately put in to find me is incredible. People dropped their regular routine of work, school, whatever it was just to go out and search for me. They made every attempt possible to find me. It showed me just how loved I really am.

One thing I am not thankful for: the grudge.

My mother has held this against me since July 3rd. She is still so sore from this mistake I made and making her think I was dead, she will not have a conversation with me without bringing it up or passive aggressively snarling at me about it. It’s been the worst. My coworkers have also made comments (not to the same degree) and no longer trust that I am telling the truth. As ridiculous as the whole situation was…No, it’s just crazy.

I’m thankful for God who does protect me on the daily, who does provide for my needs, and who does give me a support group of people who demonstrate His love. I’m thankful that my mother is still my mother and does care so deeply for me. There are so many things to still be thankful for and to look past that really I can’t complain.

Side note: One thing I am really grateful for is my new nephew! World, this is “JoJo”. Auntie loves him. ❤



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