I’ve Lost My Motivation To Write

I’ve lost my motivation to write. I’m in this dark period right now where I can’t see clearly. My mind is fogged by life’s issues and not only can I not finish what I write for school, but I cannot thoroughly write what I want to say on this blog. Like I was telling someone earlier, I feel like trash that has just been dumped on the side of the curb left alone. I was telling God today that I wish I could just start life over, begin anew. Like Lamentations says, “His mercies are new every morning”, but is it really true? Can I really start afresh again? Can tomorrow really be a better day? I’m not looking forward to tomorrow if God wills a tomorrow. I’m not looking forward to the week ahead, but I press on knowing that if it is God’s will it will happen and it will happen for a reason. Nothing can stop God’s sovereignty.


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