The Flowers That Were Bought

Facebook has a funny way of reminding you of what you once had. It was a good thing. It was something I treasured so much. A picture was pulled up from 2013, an image of my Skype conversation with my little brother and mom. My brother was looking back at my mom who, in the image, looked like she was making a “coo-coo” face on purpose. You can see my face in the tiny square at the top left laughing. I opened this image to see it at a bigger scale and I accidentally hit the right arrow that takes you to the next image. The next image was a vase full of sunflowers and dark purple orchids. The light was coming through the window on the left side and it was sitting on top of my black dresser with a note underneath that said, “Happy anniversary Bethany and SK!”. The note included a scribbled orange marker drawing from a three-year-old girl I had lived with at the time. I felt my stomach turn for a second. The caption I had written was, “God couldn’t have chosen (outside my family of course) a sweeter family for me to live with! I found this on my desk when I got home from work. 2 years with SK. WHAT A JOURNEY IT’S BEEN. I am VERY and most extremely privileged and blessed.” I pushed the right arrow to go to the next image. The next image was a basket of edible arrangements. The caption said the following:

“What kind of boyfriend while he’s deployed sends his girlfriend a delicious Edible Arrangement snack? Only the best in the world. 😉 God’s love is always being displayed through this man. So thankful.”

Again, I stared in disbelief. Did he really used to do this? It seems like a dream now, a long lost dream that never really existed. I pushed the right arrow again. An image of the two of us after we had first become official. The caption was the following:

“SK has officially left early this morning for his year long deployment. Please keep the both of us in prayer as God continues to mold us into who He wants us to be, images of the living God Jesus Christ. 🙂 Please pray that he would be a light to the men he works with, and also the men he keeps watch over. There is a BIG need for salvation! Also, that SK would continue to guard his  heart from the things that will hinder his relationship with God. It’ll be a whole lot harder for him to stay away from the temptation of being like the others (in a worldly aspect) when he’s going to be surrounded by it at every moment! Thanks guys. 🙂 I appreciate alllll the support we both have been getting even with these past 6 months! I have been overwhelmed by the encouragement I’ve received through your prayers and speech. ¡Gracias mi amigos!”

64 likes. The support I had received at that time was overwhelming. The support we both had for our relationship was something I had not fully appreciated until now. The amount of comments from my friends and family encouraging us was…impressive. Towards the end of our relationship, we didn’t think anyone supported us. What changed? Was it just him that changed? Was it me?

Those flowers that were bought. What a distraction it was for me today. 


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