Chapparosa Park

WELL! I had a million thoughts written down on a Word Doc for today’s post, but I guess it all got erased somehow. Moral of the story is I went to Chapparosa Park today, relaxed, went down memory lane, finished writing in my school planner, and sat in a Mcd’s across a young man who just got out of rehab talking to his girlfriend on the phone about getting help on Monday for housing. Perspective, perspective, perspective. I wish I could have actually helped this young man, but I really did not think of how to until I left the Mcd’s. Life definitely has its ups and downs. Highs and lows. It can get to you. I understand the fear he was in and the sadness he felt for hurting his family and friends. I wish I could’ve told him it gets better.

Biggest high was going over to my childhood best friend’s house and playing Gamecube with her and her husband. Then her sister came over since her husband was working and the real competition began. Played some Naruto, Super Monkey Ball 2, Soul Caliber II, and some Harry Potter. What a day. Thankful for what God has given me today. Today was a day of reflection and peace.


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