11:09 PM

At 11:09 PM I finished my deaf cultures homework for the night. I watched over 10 videos on cochlear implants, how it benefits some, and how it offends others. In watching these videos I was getting mad. How could people push this idea that being deaf is a disability? It’s not. Let me stand up with the deaf community and say that it is not. Being deaf is not a disability or a “diagnosis”. The first thing new parents shouldn’t hear as hearing parents is, “I’m so sorry. Your child has failed the hearing test”. Failed the hearing test? How could a baby fail a test being 10 minutes old? It’s not failing. Their hearing level is _____ (fill in the blank). THAT is more appropriate. These are the hearing opportunities we have for your child. Not, “Your child needs a cochlear implant in order to have a normal life”. What is a normal life? Having a normal life means that you have to be able to physically hear? No. I don’t believe so. I’m offended by hearing these words. I’m offended that people see such a view of deaf people like they are lower than the hearing. Deaf people live normal lives. Deaf can be successful people just as hearing people can be successful people. So many thoughts are spinning in my head about this. A classmate of mine said the following:

I am kind of struggling this week. With my dyslexia reading the Bible has been difficult all my life so I am thinking that my problem. But I thought I would be it put here. I am reading the Bible verses and it seems to me that the Bible  sees being deaf and blind as a disability that need to be fix. and there is no acceptance of the blind and deaf but pity and  desperation. am  the only one that is reading it this way?

No, you’re not the only one reading the Bible passages this way considering that our deaf teacher put these verses in for that very reason: to prove her viewpoint that God saw blindness and deafness as a disability. I went on to explain that culturally back then, people with blindness, deafness, leprosy, etc. were treated as outcasted and were not given the opportunities we have today. I also explained though that Jesus did “heal” deafness, blindness, muteness, and lameness to fulfill Messianic prophecy, specifically Isaiah 35:5-6.

Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened,
    and the ears of the deaf unstopped;
then shall the lame man leap like a deer,
    and the tongue of the mute sing for joy.
For waters break forth in the wilderness,
    and streams in the desert;

Jesus was the Messiah who came to fulfill all 400 prophecies spoken of Him before His birth. THAT was most important. Jesus is God. In seeing these things and learning more about the different cultures, I am falling more in love with the deaf culture daily. I want to be a Christian that stands up for the deaf community in love and in thanksgiving. I thank God tonight for the uniqueness of the deaf community.


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