My Favorite Day

What a way to start my day! The experience I had this morning overshadows the debt I just went deeper into. I took my car in to get it serviced the earliest time I could so that my coworker and I could go watch the Hurley and Swatch Pro of the World Surfing League. I’ve been following the World Surfing League for the past three years now, watching all of Sally Fitzgibbon’s heats from my phone while working. I immediately clicked with this pro surfer 3 years ago when I watched my first tour. Her natural joy, energy, and overall beauty just drew me in. She’s real. She has fun with it. She’s also now number one in the world, knocking Tyler Wright off of the top spot. When I first started watching her, she was number three in the world and barely making it through different tours. She’s trained hard, had some powerful maneuvers, and found herself here going into the tour in Portugal wearing the yellow jersey.

My coworker helped give me the best day ever. I seriously was a kid at a candy store for the very first time with a neverending wallet. It was like God was giving me everything I ever dreamed of. It was too perfect. I was with my favorite person seeing surfers I never thought I’d dream of seeing. Hearing that my car would cost me $623 didn’t even matter to me in the end. I had everything I wanted. It gave me a small glimpse of what Heaven would be like. Now, I didn’t get to meet Sally Fitzgibbons, but it was close. Walking back to the car after witnessing Lima and Toledo take the award stage with the runner-ups  Keely Andrews and Jordy Smith (Jordy being number one in the world right now, by the way) I noticed a family packing up their car to leave. I did a double take because I could’ve sworn that was Sally Fitzgibbon’s parking spot. I looked, thought, I don’t remember Sally’s hair being THAT blonde and kept walking, not wanting to slow down my coworker. It was already super hot anyways and I was running late for work.

Driving away, it was confirmed that it was Sally Fitzgibbons.  I wanted to cry but I couldn’t because I knew my day was just too good. It was too magnificent. It was too glorious. It was wonderful.  Nothing was going to ruin the day.

Here are some shots from two days (last Saturday and today) at Trestles.

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